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Farm Fresh Strawberries




(or grab some of our already-picked, fresh-packed quarts)

You-Pick Strawberries U-Pick Strawberries Pick your own strawberries

U-Pick Strawberries

  • Less than 20 lbs. - $2.35 per lb.
  • 20 lbs. or more - $2.10 per lb.

Bring your own containers (remember, a handle makes things easier) or purchase a 5 quart Souvenir Pallman Pail here at our strawberry farm.

Already-Picked Quarts

$5.50 each

The cream of the crop...freshly picked, packed and ready to go. Call (570) 587-3258 to place your order. These beauties are available on a daily basis, weather permitting.

Pallman Farms Already Picked Quarts of Strawberries
Pallman Farms Historic Photo

As school winds down and summer excitement begins to build, thousands of families mark their calendars for a fun excursion to Pallman Farm's strawberry fields. For four generations, our family has been growing strawberries here in beautiful Northeastern Pennsylvania, just a few miles North of Scranton.

Why “Pick” our Berries?

  • To promote higher yields and superior flavor profiles, we grow our “June Bearing” strawberries using a Matted Row System, a traditional method of farming. The spacing between the rows makes it easier for our guests to gather the fruit.
  • As we’ve carefully selected our plant varieties for high levels of sweetness, they’re absolutely delicious on their own or turned into jams, jellies, pies and other treats.
  • To keep our plants healthy and productive, we rely heavily on hand labor for daily maintenance.
  • When you arrive, our field staff will direct you to the best picking areas for that day.
  • Picking fresh strawberries at Pallman Farms is an annual tradition for many of our neighbors and friends. Responsible growing practices allow our fields to yield reliable strawberry crops for 3-5 consecutive years, under good weather conditions.
  • If your organization is planning a Strawberry Festival or Social Event and needs fruit in bulk, just give us a call.


“Strawberry Shortcake” Cake

Strawberry Freezer Jam

Luscious Strawberry Pie



We look forward to seeing you.

Weather permitting, Pallman Farms’ strawberry fields are open daily, Monday through Friday from 8am - 7pm, as well as Saturday and Sunday from 8am - 6pm. If the weather seems questionable, you might want to call to confirm that we’re open before making the drive.

A little advance preparation will help you enjoy a memorable farm experience.

  • Dress comfortably for the day’s weather.
  • As there’s little shade in the berry patch, be sure to pack sunscreen and/or hats for everyone in your group.
  • A berry patch is not the place for high heels, open sandals or heavy boots. For maximum comfort, choose flat shoes or sneakers.
  • Since picking fresh strawberries can occasionally leave you with red fingertips, remember to bring along some cleansing wipes.
  • Payment options include cash and personal checks.

Walk as little or as much as you like.

If you’re feeling energetic, you’re welcome to walk out to the strawberry fields. However, we encourage guests to take advantage of the scenic covered wagon tractor ride that goes to and from the field at regular intervals throughout the day.

Top off your trip with extra treats!

Pallman Farms’ delicious “Strawberry Splash Smoothies” are nutritious, refreshing and bursting with fresh-picked flavor. Order one for each person in your group!

Plus, we’ll save you a trip to the grocery store. While you’re here, you can stock up on plenty of fresh produce from local and regional farms.

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